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Second Draft of Packing List

Axing time. After all the suggestions from folks and my own “editing” for what I'm going to bring to Europe, it's time for the new and – hopefully – improved packing list:

Categories of stuff

  • Clothes
  • Gear
  • Travel & Destination Info
  • Money & Documents
  • On the Train/In the Hostel

  • hiking boots
  • Tevas

  • rain jacket (this could be expendable, and I’ll just bring my light overcoat… will see when I pack)
  • lightweight overcoat
  • fleece
  • BnA cap
  • sunglasses
  • thermal cap?
    Socks & Undies

  • 5 pair socks (Chris Albon suggested 4 – but if 5 doesn’t take up much more room, I may just do the extra pair. Will be Teva’ing some outside, but I’m there mostly in the cooler months so probably not as much)
  • 5 pair underwear
    Shirts & Trousers

  • black button-down shirt
  • 2 long-sleeve t-shirts (1 blue, 1 brown)
  • 3-4 t-shirts (1-2 BootsnAll white tees, 1-2 gray/blue tees)
  • 1 thermal undershirt (could be expendable – it’s not like I’m there in the dead of winter!)
  • 3 pair trousers (2 convertible; black/beige; 1 not, green)

  • silver and black tie
  • swim trunks
  • pajama/layering pants (could still be expendable. I’m just not sure they’d be useful enough to warrant. Which in that case means I should ditch ’em)
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  • money belt
  • string
  • rucksack with daypack
  • baggies/plastic bags (for laundry, liquid containers, etc.)
  • lighter
  • sewing kit
  • watch
  • duct tape
  • condoms
  • LED headlamp

  • Zula (the AlphaSmart 3000)
  • digital camera
  • mini CD player, radio?
  • CD case & discs
  • cleaning tissues and lens cleaner for digital camera
  • hardbound mead journal
  • wee notebook for back pocket
  • pens, pencils, erasers, paper
  • envelopes (extra business-size ones for Aoife)
    (some to get started, can get more on the way)

  • battery shaver
  • nail clippers
  • safety pins
  • deodorant
  • hair goo
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • bar soap (washing & laundry), store in baggie
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • earplugs

  • couple of band-aids (have some at home, might as well chuck a few in)
  • anti-shite drugs, aspirin (I’d just get this over there, no point hauling it)
    Personal Stuff

  • Tao Te Ching
  • Benchmade folding knife?
  • pictures and love letters (copies) from my fiancé
  • friends, family, home: family photos, postcards of Portland
  • Swiss Army knife
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    Travel & Destination Info

  • Eurail and Britrail maps (come with passes)
  • timetable (comes with passes)
  • name, phone numbers and addresses
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    Money & Documents

  • originals & copies of tickets, passes, passport
  • cash (US $20s)
  • credit card (1 for daily use, 1 tucked in money belt for emergencies)
  • debit card
  • phone numbers & websites for banks in case of emergency
  • traveler’s cheques (US$100)
  • driver’s license
  • scan passport and plane ticket, email it to myself
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    On the Train/In the Hostel
    (some of this I wouldn’t necessarily be packing when leaving from the States, but are things that I want to remember to have on the train or in the hostel – a reminder)

  • Dreamsack (sleep sheet)
  • universal sink plug
  • washrag
  • chamois (as a towel?)
  • SnacPac
  • alarm clock
  • deck of cards
  • cigarettes
  • fruit
  • corkscrew
  • wine
  • bread
  • cheese
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    From this list, I can go ahead and pack. How heavy is my pack after? How much room is left? How well do things like Zula and such fit into my daypack? After doing this pack – and hopefully I can do some before and after photos – it’s time for the “final editing”. It’ll be much easier to chuck out what I really don’t need to bring, once I know what it feels like on my back.
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