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Draft Europe Packing List
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Draft Europe Packing List

by Chris on July 3, 2003

by Chris | July 3rd, 2003

Ah, yes, the first draft of what might wind up on my back for 4 months. You know, being a writer and editor, this is the fun part: time to break out the traveler equivalent of the red pen and scissors, and go to town. What should I add? Axe? *cracking my knuckles* This oughtta be fun.

Categories of stuff
(not that the list is organized into categories yet, but you get the idea)

  • Clothes
  • Gear
  • Travel & Destination Info
  • Money & Documents
  • On the Train/In the Hostel
  • Swiss Army knife
  • ball of string (clothesline)
  • Tevas
  • Zula (the AlphaSmart)
  • fleece
  • hiking boots
  • Benchmade folding knife? (check knife laws in European countries)
  • 5 pair socks
  • 5 pair underwear
  • backpack with daypack
  • Palm m125
  • digital camera
  • BootsnAll cap
  • skully or tooq?
  • 3 pair trousers (2 convertible, 1 not)
  • silver and black tie
  • black button-down shirt
  • swim trunks?
  • rain jacket?
  • 1-2 long-sleeve t-shirts
  • 2 t-shirts
  • BootsnAll polo
  • Dreamsack (sleep sheet)
  • Eurail and Britrail maps
  • universal sink plug
  • Tao Te Ching
  • money belt
  • SnacPac
  • washrag
  • towel? (read msg board post)
  • sari
  • plastic plate
  • water bottle
  • baggies
  • alarm clock
  • battery shaver
  • toiletries
  • pajama pants
  • 1 thermal undershirt
  • deck of cards
  • lighter
  • cigarettes
  • fruit, bread, wine, cheese (for the train)
  • corkscrew – because I got my Swiss Army knife when I was 12 and didn’t know the direction my life would take πŸ˜‰
  • sewing kit
  • hardbound mead journal
  • mini CD player, radio?
  • CD case & discs
  • pictures and love letters from my fiancé
  • watch
  • copies of tickets, passes, passport
  • nail clippers
  • flashlight
  • envelopes
  • sunglasses
  • duct tape
  • condoms
  • sweater
  • lightweight overcoat
  • sleeping bag
  • money (US $50’s)
  • credit card
  • debit card
  • traveler’s cheques ($100)
  • plastic bags
  • deodorant
  • hair goo
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • soap & soapbox
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • earplugs
  • anti-shite drugs
  • driver’s license
  • phone numbers and addresses
  • scan passport and plane ticket, email it to myself
  • squeeze bottle of liquid soap for clothes
  • cleaning tissues and lens cleaner for digital camera
  • friends, family, home: family photos, postcards of Portland
  • pillowcase
  • safety pins
  • pens, pencils, erasers, paper
  • clothes pegs
  • toilet paper

    The Packing List Saga

    1. First draft of packing list
    2. Feedback & Thoughts on first draft of Europe packing list
    3. Second draft of packing list
    4. Pack it up! – Coming Soon…


    aoife July 3, 2003 at 12:59 pm

    don’t take anything you can’t afford to loose, like love letters or something (btw aren’t the condoms a bit incongruous?)

    DO take something you can record sound on. Can your mini disc do that?

    Liquid anything is BAD – minimise what you take.

    Bring a travel towel the size of a dishcloth if you bring it at all. Generally better to use a sarong (or equil)

    better to put the soap in a ziplock bag than soapbox.

    Baby wipes/wet ones are TOO USEFUL not to have.

    swim trunks – yes
    either rain jacket OR light overcoat.

    What are you doing with a Sari? And bring some envelopes for me (so i can apply for the green card lottery next year), you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find US sized ones over here…

    Claudia July 3, 2003 at 2:14 pm

    I think he meant sarong, not sari. πŸ˜‰ Just a guess though.

    Sean July 3, 2003 at 3:45 pm

    This list looks like overkill to me. Way too much stuff in my opinion. But then again, maybe you like carrying a lot of stuff.

    Ant July 7, 2003 at 2:07 pm

    Totally too much – this is more the “everything but the kitchen sink” list”. Way, way more than I could ever need, want or use. So now that we know what I *might* take, I’m going to start paring this down. Suggestions on what to kill?

    Claudia July 7, 2003 at 3:20 pm

    Hey. Things to axe IMHO:

    Swiss Army knife: you have the Benchmade and the SAK doesn’t have the almighty corkscrew anyway. SAK or Benchmade should be sufficient. I know the knife slut in you will pick the Benchmade anyway.

    Palm m125: you have the Alphasmart which is prit near attached to your hip anyway. Just one more gadget to loose…

    Water bottle: how often will you really be using this? You’ll be picking up a drink here or there, and although filling up a bottle with water is nice, it seems to take up precious pack space. I personally wouldn’t use it to store socks or anything… πŸ˜‰

    Sleeping bag: you will be crashing in hostels anyway right?

    Pillowcase: ditto

    Toilet paper: too bulky. Get a lil pack of wet wipes instead or a small thing of tissues.

    Clothes pegs?

    Coat: you have your rain gear and a fleece. Layer them up to make a coat. This is too bulky.

    Thermal undershirt: you have many shirts, layer layer layer.

    Instead of a towel a small shamee perhaps? Smaller, dries quick.


    Claudia July 7, 2003 at 3:23 pm

    Oh yeah, ditch the sweater too. Fleece will do. πŸ™‚

    Chris Albon July 7, 2003 at 9:20 pm

    Swiss Army knife
    Good idea

    ball of string (clothesline)
    I have found that Floss works better AND can be used not only as a clothlines but also as waterproof thread

    Excellent choice..

    Zula (the AlphaSmart)
    Again, excellent


    hiking boots
    How much REAL hiking are you going to do to justify BOOTs? Personallly I want to only bring Tevas when I go, but if thats not for you then go with tennis shoes, Boots are WAY too big and bulk.

    Benchmade folding knife? (check knife laws in European countries)
    Use your swiss army knife! Sheesh

    5 pair socks
    Go with 4 pairs.. 3 if you intend to wear TEvas alot… socks are very easy to wash/dry in any sick… especially on a train

    5 pair underwear
    Good idea… silk is smooth

    backpack with daypack

    Palm m125
    HORRIBLE! 1. Recharging it is annoying 2. If you forget to recharge it you have NO ability to take info off of it… use a pad.. or even better write in the margins of your reading matterial

    digital camera
    Do you have suffient memory cards to handle all the pictures you will take? OR do you have a way to upload them off the camera? Perhaps a internet cafe?

    BootsnAll cap

    skully or tooq?
    I would get a ultralight backpacking towel (sort of like a fleece rag) and use that as one.

    3 pair trousers (2 convertible, 1 not)
    Why bring the non-convertible ones?

    silver and black tie
    I dont know where you are going, but I know you:
    1. Dont need 2 colors of tie…
    2. Can wear a nice shirt and black convertible pants and still look nice
    Drop to ties

    black button-down shirt
    Ooo…. ladies man

    swim trunks?
    Of course!!! Communal showers… great lakes! WHY EVEN QUESTION!

    rain jacket?
    A Must!

    1-2 long-sleeve t-shirts
    2 t-shirts

    BootsnAll polo

    Dreamsack (sleep sheet)

    Eurail and Britrail maps
    Who needs stinkin maps πŸ™‚

    universal sink plug
    HA! Instead of that… use a jar openner gripper thingie… that works much better and is much lighter

    Tao Te Ching

    money belt


    Get a ultralight backpacking towell.. use it as a Towel/Washrag/Tooq (although some brands dont work so well as a skully)

    towel? (read msg board post)
    Leave it home

    What are youy doing with a sari?

    plastic plate
    Use a frisbe! Fun toy AND plate!

    water bottle
    Disposible, Disposbile, Disposible


    alarm clock

    battery shaver
    good..well… why use a a special battery shaver when you will need to charge your palm just as often?

    Get them as you go…

    pajama pants
    Will wearing special soft pants around the hostel be worth carrying these everywhere? I dont think so

    1 thermal undershirt
    ??? layer layer layer

    deck of cards
    Good if you play cards alot… i dont..


    Even if you dont smoke.. bring cigarettes… very good at breaking the nice

    fruit, bread, wine, cheese (for the train)
    ok.. but I dont see why uou need tot include this on your packing list… you can walk a km with a shopping bag filled with these items to the train station very easily

    corkscrew – because I got my Swiss Army knife when I was 12 and didn’t know the direction my life would take πŸ˜‰

    sewing kit
    drop it! use a needle and the floss (also your clothes line for a sewing kit

    hardbound mead journal
    good… use this to replace your pams

    mini CD player, radio?
    battery powered mp3 player is better

    CD case & discs
    way too heavy… better powered mp3 player is better

    pictures and love letters from my fiancΓ©
    I have a fiance too… dont take anything with you that you cannot afford to use


    copies of tickets, passes, passport

    nail clippers

    I use this (http://www.shippingonly.com/product_info.php?products_id=47&osCsid=3a11e5eed5eaf8fd76467efeddaf96f2) Its very light and has like 300 hours of light on it.. whatever you do.. MAKE SURE ITS LED LIGHT



    duct tape

    oooo… nice… wiat a minute… dont you have a fiance? >:(

    drop this.. sucks if it gets wet… way to haevy… layer layer layer

    lightweight overcoat
    umm… layer layer layer

    sleeping bag

    money (US $50’s)
    20s are better.. make sure to put them in 3 spots on your body… if youj get mugs the thiefs ALWAYS look for your moneybelt… so make sure you have some in your shoe or something

    credit card

    debit card

    traveler’s cheques ($100)
    cash in shoe/pocket (only a little in the pocket) Cheques in moneybelt

    plastic bags
    use these instead of the baggies!


    hair goo
    good.. but make sure you dont bring too much!

    shampoo & conditioner
    dont bring too much

    soap & soapbox

    toothbrush & toothpaste
    dont bring too much


    anti-shite drugs

    driver’s license

    phone numbers and addresses
    why bring your palm if you have this?

    scan passport and plane ticket, email it to myself

    squeeze bottle of liquid soap for clothes
    What? I just use regular soap.. but if you do.. MAKE SURE IT CANT SPILL!!!

    cleaning tissues and lens cleaner for digital camera
    Fuck what they say.. you can use a regular tissue for your lense

    friends, family, home: family photos, postcards of Portland
    Dont take too many!


    safety pins

    pens, pencils, erasers, paper

    clothes pegs
    use safety pins or duct tape hooks

    toilet paper
    umm… use tissues or nothing

    Hope it helps!

    Ant July 8, 2003 at 2:39 pm

    Man… you guys rock! Thank for all the in-depth replies. I started to comment, but my comment got so long I thought it merited being its own post in the “packing list saga”. Here’s the link to it:



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