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The lost art of hand-washing clothes

Chris Albon has been giving me a lot of feedback on my packing list. He had noted to hand-wash my clothes, then said “hand washing clothes is really a lost art. Its more HOW you wash them than what soap you use to wash them.” I asked for details, and here's Chris on how to hand-wash clothes:

1. Take a bar of wet soap and wet your hands.
2. Place the soap on a large part of the clothing.
3. Next take your palm and hand and run it in circles on the soap bar so the lather begins to cover the article of clothing.
4. Once you have the clothing well lathered on all sides you are ready to scrub. Hold two parts of the clothing and rub it vigorously against each other in a circular motion. Do this on several points on the clothing.
6. Next put the clothing under the warm/hot water and squeeze it out.
7. Repeat the entire process 1 or two more times before completely wringing the clothing out. The more water you can remove from the clothing at this stage, the faster it will dry in the long run.
8. Hang and let dry overnight
Thanks Chris! Here’s his site as well.