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Daily Budget Breakdown

Some folks have talked to me about wanting to see me do a regular post on what my budget and expenses are in Europe. The “here is my budget for X town”, and “here is what cheese costs…. and grapes… and the taxi across town… and how much I spent on beer tonight”. That sort of thing. Good idea – thanx Chris Albon & Claudia!

So I’ll do just that. I don’t know that I’ll be posting up a “budget breakdown” every day, but I will do up something at the least for every town and city I’m in, to give a better general idea of costs, budget, expected vs. actual, that sort of thing.
How do figures in euros; pounds sterling; and Australian, Canadian, and US dollars sound?
These posts will go in the “Daily Budget Breakdown” category, as well as the city category for each relevant town.
Anymore suggestions or ideas or stuff you want to see on here? Let me know, either in the comment fields on any post, or email me: