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Youth Hostel of the future?

A “designer-styled budget inn” is due to open in Edinburgh, Scotland today. It should “feature stylish modern interiors, a shop, internet and dining facilities, a bar, a “chill-out” room and a TV and games room.”
Edinburgh Evening News – Top Stories – Backpacker luxury for inn crowd

Smart cards, bright paint, microwaves… this isn’t new or even uncommon nowadays. Changing up from some of the dorm-style is a good concept; I dig that idea that “bunk rooms are designed similar to cabins on a ship and each bed has its own privacy curtain, internal light and a security locker which fits a rucksack.”
It’ll be interesting to see how the place does. Expected cost if £10-38 per night… so can get rather on the steep side. There’s plans to roll out more places like this across the UK, too.
Find an Edinburgh Hostel
Thanx to Joe E for sending the link!