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Shakespeare's Globe: Exhibition Portrays 16th Century Theater

Going to The Globe Theatre in London is quite the experience as it is. You can see a play, shout at the actors (like they did in the old days), and now you can also see “original documents revealing the often turbulent lives of William Shakespeare’s colorful contemporaries,”
Exhibition Portrays 16th Century Theater

Sounds like something to check out. I’d love to take in a show at the Globe again anyway. For only a few pounds (£5 when I was there in 1999) you can be a “groundling”. You stand on the floor in front of the raised stage.
The nice part? You can move around the theatre, take in the show from different angles. You’re also allowed to shout smart-arse remarks at the actors, just like the audience used to do back in ol’ Shakes’ time.
Not that I would ever engage in such behaviour, mind you.