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Should I get an LED headlamp?

It’s blue, $20, and bright as hell, apparently. And for ages I’ve wanted a wee LED headlamp, be it for late-night reading on the train (such as for this trip) or out camping with friends, whatever. REI-Outlet has what looks like a steal:
REI-Outlet: Princeton Tec Aurora LED Headlamp – Cosmetic Seconds

Couple of ounces in weight too, plus with 3 AAA batteries it should last between 50-160 hours (kind of a broad range though, dontcha think? Joe – are these press release lies?)
Chris Albon, Joe E – what do you guys think? I’m kinda diggin’ it, and $20 ain’t bad. I could use it on the trip (I’m constantly scribbling and reading late at night, so good light is a good thing), and even once I’m home it’ll come in handy when hitting the ol’ outdoors and such.
How my Visa hand twitches…