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Top 10 Europe Hostels

Joe E sent along this top 10 list for Europe hostels… based off this, they could be places you want to be sure to stay in – or be sure to avoid!

1. Golden Sickle Hostel, Prague
2. Balmers Herberge, Interlaken
3. Friendship Place, Rome
4. Four Courts Hostel, Dublin
5. The Flying Pig Downtown, Amsterdam
6. Funny-Farm, Interlaken
7. St. Christophers Camden, London
8. Sleepzone, Galway
9. International Student House, London
10. Hostal Santillan, Madrid
Or maybe I should try to stay in each one of these, if the city is on my itinerary… Hmmm… just to kind of get the “experience and atmosphere”, you know?