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New trousers

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about how cool it would be to find a pair of black convertible trousers. We had never seen a pair that were black; since you find convees mostly in outdoorsy-type shops, they’re usually either tannish/beige, or some sort of drab or olive green.

But today in HM (v. cool shop with cheap clothes), I found a pair of black convees. At places like REI or EMS, unless there’s a sale on convee pants are usually at least $50, but I snagged this pair up for $30. They’re black, thick enough to be warm, but still comfy even in the July Long Island heat. There’s a woven belt included, and gaiter-type pulls at the bottom of the legs for tightening over your boots. They may well even work if I need something at least a wee bit dressy.
Unfortunately HM’s site doesn’t have an online catalog, but the shot over left gives an idea of what these look like. They also have a store locator.
I dig – and trou-wise, I’m set.