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Fourth of July – what are Yanks abroad doing?

Ah, July 4. Independence Day for us Yanks. I was just having a conversation about what the Brits are doing today, as Yanks in the UK are probably hootin' and hollerin'.

I wonder what the Brits do in those situations? Do they wish the Yanks well? Or do they notice?
Hmmm… the only US-type holiday I’ll be around for, really, is Halloween. (I’ll probably be leaving Marseille for Barcelona.) I wonder how international that is – Halloween is one of my favorite holidays though. Maybe I should dress up as Dubya… Nah. That’s just inviting an arse-whoopin’. Besides, where would I find a Curious George mask in Spain? Or maybe I could dress up as a conductor… but something tells me ye ol’ train staff might not take kindly to that.
“Ticket please… TRICK OR TREAT!”