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Oh the questions I get

From a recently received email:
“Hi I am planning to visit Europe. I am also doing a small study on Europe. Hence I have a few queries. Please answer them.

“Please tell me – how sexually emancipated are the European women especially in Germany and Scandinavia. I have heard that the women in Germany and Scandinavia are sexually the most open and expressive. Is it normal for German / Scandinavian women to take the initiative and approach a man directly and make friendship with him for short term casual sexual flings? Or do they wait for the man to make the first move?
“I read that Scandinavia and Germany are the two countries which have the most sexually liberated and sexually demanding women in the world.They are open to having flings just for fun without any commitment. The society itself is very permissive there. What is your view about this? I also read a newspaper article that women in Copenhagen were befriending taxi drivers and having sex with them, after getting to know them during the course of the taxi ride.
“How and where do the German / Scandinavian women usually socialise and make friends with men ? Can a man without knowing the German language make friends with German /Scandinavian girls easily?
“Which country in Europe in your view has the most liberal girls in terms of sexual __expression and freedom? Is the US ahead of Europe in this regard?
Awaiting your reply