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Czechs Take Sober Look at EU Membership

Things change so much.
Eastern Europe spends decades of the 20th century under Communist regimes. Then the Iron Curtain falls. Regimes change. People start to rebuild, to build differently; they seek better governments, economies, lives.

Europe becomes a European Union – and more and more countries are now gearing up to join it, including Poland, Hungary and Slovakia (3 countries I'm visited). The latest is the Czech Republic:
Czechs Take Sober Look at EU Membership
They’ve voted to join the EU. Now comes the interesting part: integrating into the union, and all the regulations and responsibilities that come with it.
I wonder what this means for the Czech Republic. What will be the most noticeable differences, pre- and post-EU? What will people be the most excited, the most disappointed, about? When I’m in the CZ this fall, I’m going to try to get people’s perspective on joining the EU. What does it mean to them?
And then, when next I visit (whenever that is?) I wonder what I’ll notice, that’s different from before?