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Freeing London motorists from the tyranny of wheel clamps, it's Angle Grinder Man!

Because a superhero doesn't need a utility belt, when he’s carrying an angle grinder.
This is one for the “interesting people to meet” file…

Wheels get clamped by the London fuzz? Call out the Angle Grinder Man, and he will free your car. His site also includes the political reasons behind his little, ahem, service.
Thanks to Mo Valentine for the link – I just might have to try to meet up with Mr AGM when I’m in London. I think it’d be awesome to have a pint with this guy. Easiest way to find him, well, I’ll just see if there’s a car clamped and then rush to the nearest phone box.
Maybe I could be his sidekick for a bit. But what would be my name? Sandpaper Boy?
Hmmm… I wonder if I’d get my own Playgirl Collection…