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Image Tank: Portable Memory Solutions to store images from the digital still camera

One of the last hurdles for me and the guys and my geeky techlife on the road, is how in blazes I'm going to store and manage all the pictures I'll be shooting. (Granted we still don't have the camera yet either, but we're working on it. Bloody photos. Yes, pictures rocks. But text is so much easier. Though I'm a writer, not a photographer, so I suppose I am a little biased.)

On the digital camera downloading thread on the BootBoards, Nick mentions a thing called an Image Tank.
I essentially need something that will be for photos what Zula is for text. And that’s been pretty elusive so far. But maybe this is something to look into more. The words at the top of the webpage have been on my mind too:

To avoid buying lots of expensive memory cards, I was looking for a solution to copy data from a CompactFlash or SmartMedia card to a cheaper media without having a laptop computer.

Bam. I like the sound of that.
Does anyone have experience with these things? Or know more about them? I’ll try to find out more and post it up…
A page on Reto’s Experience further outline how he’s gone about using the image bank, adding images to it, and then getting those images to a computer. The model he has requires USB, which does mean some software loading… but maybe that varies with model/manufacturer?