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Aussie Neville in Seville, Spain

Neville Millen is a BootsnAll writer who's currently on an “art pilgrimage” of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. He's writing a travelogue about his trip, the art and artists, and what life is like in each of the cities he and his wife, Rhondda, visit:
Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe
Neville is in Seville at the moment (I'm a touch behind on his updates), and here’s some tidbits from an email he sent me recently:

Just a personal line to say that we booked through another agency for our accommodation in Seville in Spain. This place is the olde spain and we have spent five days here and love it. Don’t miss this place on your trip!!!
I recommend you guys get a few places lined up here for travellers and add to you list of great places to stay…. We stayed in Hostal Lis which was €46 a night for a double and it had tiled walls and a small private shower and basin etc.It has a nice entrance and little lobby. It is in a narrow lane just off from the centre of town. We had a room over the lane.
I have also found a few in the district of Santa Cruz around the centre of town near the cathedral and the palace, which would also do just fine.
Anthony the night dining here is magic with so many little cobbled lanes, balmy weather and there is a lot of competition for your patronage. The other night we went to a flamenco concert in the Jewish quarter and then had TAPAS at a small restaurant nearby including calamari, fried crusty sardines and potato pancakes follwed by creme caramel and coffee for 20 euro the lot.
We have had some magic meals for about 25 euro a double, including Sangria or beer. ( can’t keep an AUSSIE down on beer.)
Going the whole hog to-nite , taking the wife on a carriage ride and then on to an expensive wallet- ‘the spell of Seville’ ( there’s the title! has got to me – can’t resist- holding on to my seat to save money — got to goooooooooooo-
Let me know if you want some contacts and i will send in to you soon.
beunos tardes