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There's a conspiracy brewing to kill me in London

So Blazdell, “emperor” and I have been discussing hanging out in London once I'm there. And now, apparently Blazdell's plotting a meetup/pissup for BnA folks. I love it – but a couple of Commonwealth lads feeding booze to my flyweight frame? Gads… I think they're trying to kill me. Do I get, say, a 3-pint handicap for being an American?

Drinks in London -Summer 2003
Though in all seriousness, here's the London dates if anyone does want to get in on the fun. It’s brilliant to meet up with members on the road, so hop on to that thread if you want to meet up with us in London.
Well, if I gotta go, at least I’ll die happy, full of beer and surrounded by friends. That works for me…
So who should I leave my backpack and speak-n-spell to?