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Moving can make you hardly think about a trip

Now that the guys and I are settled in to the new house, I&#39ve been looking back over the EB and realizing just how little I&#39ve thought about my trip the past week or so.

Somewhere between packing and cleaning, and unpacking and sorting about, I&#39ve hardly touched a guidebook, or thought about Belgian beer (though I’ve been busy drinking Black Butte Porter).
Moving requires a lot – focus, energy, time, back muscles. The lads and I all have been settling in here and there, unpacking another box or shifting something else about. Last night I finally got around to doing laundry (even though the laundromat sucked – it might be a block from the house, but its dryers aren’t worth shite), and started flipping through the Edinburgh Berlitz Pocket Guide that Philip Blazdell had sent me.
And I felt the mental wheels for my trip start to turn again…