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Setting up in Portland

I think I've just been away from a computer for the longest time in a long time. On Friday night down in Eugene, Oregon, the lads and I started dismantling our soon-to-be old office. We unplugged the computers, emptied the desk drawers, took everything off the walls, and started loading it all into a big-arse moving truck.

Now it’s Monday morning, and here in Portland, Oregon, I’m back online, checking email, sifting through the latest Eurail Blog comments, and getting caught up from moving and the weekend.
Saturday we finished loading up the truck and emptying out the old house. Now we’re all here, in our new office up in Portland’s northeast.
It’s been… interesting moving up here. I hate to admit, but it took me a long time to feel ready to move – it was hard to leave Eugene, where I’ve made loads of friends, have found lots of cool hangouts, and just in general had a lot of home for the city and folks who part of my home of the last 2 and a half years.
But it was time to move on, go to something bigger, something new. Comfort zones are good, but not when you get too comfortable. Time for a change, and Portland just has more going on, more diversity and activity, more of a vibrant economy. The house also gives us loads of space, and we’ve been needing more room for a long time now. Sitting here in the new office, I’m really amped to be here. Granted it’s only another couple of months before I truck off to Europe, but having made one move, this next one should be even more exciting.
If you’re coming through the Pacific Northwest by the way, let us know. BootsnAll members are always welcome to come by, and we’ll have some coffee brewing and/or a beer chilling. We also have loads and loads of room in the basement, and maybe we should set up a little wine cellar there as well… (Whaddya say boyz?)
You can snag up our new contact info here »
In the meantime as I get unpacked, it’s now time to get back to reading guide stuff and checking out new goodies to gear up for the road…