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Europe and the UK?

From Misako: “I’ll going to Europe in July. It is just for me. I’ll stay in there about 2 weeks. If I win the rail ticket, I’d like to go all around United Kingdom! It’s my dream and I wish my dream come true!!”

What railpasses would work well for this trip?
Let's assume a few weeks in Europe, and a few weeks in Britain. If so, then Misako might want to snag up these:

  • BritRail Classic Pass, 15 days travel anytime
  • BritRail Flexipass, selected travel days in a 15-day period
    London – Eurostar – Paris
    For those couple of weeks in Europe, getting a Eurostar ticket will help in getting between mainland Europe and the UK. For her Europe time she might want to consider Eurostarring to Paris – it’d be easy to take in some great travel both in and around the city for 2 weeks. A Le Paris Visite will also help Misako get around on Parisian public transport.
    Another option…
    Now, if I were wanting to do this UK leg, I might concentrate the rest of my Europe time closer to the UK, so as to cut down on the time on the train. To that end, I’d focus on Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and/or France. To that end…

  • Benelux Regional Pass
  • France Railpass.
    Depending on how extensively she wants to travel these might come in handy. Otherwise, a couple of point-to-point tickets, say into Benelux and around, can work well too.
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