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Best day of the week to fly to London?

It's almost June; sooner or later I suppose I'd better get around to snagging up a plane ticket to London. Some things I haven't yet decided though:

  • One-way or round-trip?
    My inclination is to get 2 one-ways, one up-front, one later. That’ll get me there, and I don’t have to worry about being tied down to a return leg. It also leaves me open to deals that may be on closer to the time for flying back home to Portland. Returns past 30 days can also get quite costly… but sometimes there’s flexibility too. Maybe that’d be worth it.

  • What day of the week is best to fly to London?
    We’d been kicking around me leaving for London on August 1, which is a Friday. Fridays can be expensive days to fly, plus I’m thinking there’s a higher chance of really busy flights, lots of people bustling about, etc. Weekdays are often looked at as being better to go, not as busy, and cheaper.
    Mondays can be pricey too, if I remember correctly. Also, do I really want to get to London in time for a weekend, when it’ll be mobbed with people and I’m jetlagged? If I fly over on, say, Tuesday, August 5, then I can rest up for a bit, the town proper itself might not be (as) mobbed, and I can recoup in time for the weekend.
    Besides, if I leave before the weekend, when am I going to have my going-away party?
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