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Before Europe, Portland

This morning looking over all the entries from this week I'm hoping that I've got things to say. There are threads and bits from other folks, but I've not been as vocal on a lot of my own stuff lately.

Mostly it has to do with a wee thing called moving. The lads and I are moving to a new building in Portland this weekend. It 's just up the road, really (about 100 miles or so), but a move is a move, and when you're also talking not just personal effects, but business stuff too, it can get even more involved.
I’ve been off the blog some as I get in those last beers at High Street, or a few more Americanos at Perugino. I’ve been having dinner with friends, and chats over coffee and chats for the sake of having a chat. On Monday I read for probably the last time at a poetry open mic here in town, where I’ve been reading for about 2 years. I didn’t expect so many long faces when I said I was going away.
Then there’s packing. Which I really should get around too. Not that I need a huge amount of time. Short of taking apart my futon frame, getting my books into boxes and choofing the dresser and shelves into the moving van, I’m set.
And then in a couple of months it’ll just be me and my pack.
And come next week, I should be posting more than message board threads, as the lads and I get settled into our new office.
There’s a great pub just down the street though *wink, wink*