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Digital camera suggestions & possibilities

Ever since this post on Internet Cafes and downloading pics off a CD, I've been chatting with various travelers out there about dijicams.

Claudia has been a big help with suggestions on cameras and storage. She asked me what I might feasibly be looking for in a camera. I told her less than $500, and storage hefty enough for lots of high- and low-rez shots, as well as with easy upload for when I’m in cybercafes.
In addition to these comments, here are some of her camera recommendations and observations:

  • Canon CAPSS400K – PowerShot S400 Digital Elph Digital Camera with Lexar 256MB CF Card
    “I thought this seems like a great deal, the mem card is big enough where you wont be killing yourself to download at every computer you find. I still can’t find anything that doesn’t need some sort of software installed. Check out the size though, it’s also a 4.0 MegaPixel so a good combo of high res and low.”

  • Canon CAPSS45K – PowerShot S45 Digital Camera with Sandisk 256MB Ultra CF Card
    “Same deal, diff cam.”

  • Nikon NICP4300K – Coolpix 4300 Digital Camera with Lexar 256MB 40x CF Card
    Claudia’s a New Yokkah girl, so the gear above and other equipment can be found at B&H Photo Video Pro Audio in New York City.