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Because I'm finally graduating from college!

From Amanda: “I am finally graduating from college! My gift for getting through it is a three-month trip to Europe… I will be leaving in February of 2004.

“I hope to go to Sweden to visit family I have never met, France because it has always been a dream of mine and I have studied it for a while, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and maybe other places. I am soooo Excited! If I could win this pass it would help a great deal with my expenses!”
What railpasses would work well for this trip?
Rock on Amanda – what you’re doing sounds familiar. When I graduated college I promptly snapped up a BUNAC work visa for the UK, and then sped over to Scotland and Ireland for a year!

  • My first hunch/knee-jerk reaction is to suggest a Eurailpass for this trip. 3 months, and fair amount of countries. If she’s under 26, Amanda can also get the Eurail Youthpass.
  • See, Amanda’s only hitting a few countries, not the 17 you can hit on a Eurailpass. So that’s probably overkill for her trip. Instead, some combo work might be good: say, a 3-country Eurail Youth Selectpass for Franc, Benelux/Netherlands and Germany.
    Sweden and Ireland she can probably do either through Point-to-Point Tickets and/or cheap flights within Europe..
    But those are just some ideas… how would you plan it?
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