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Book Review: Round Ireland with a Fridge, by Tony Hawks

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Never have I heard of a small appliance that has lead such an… active life.

The breakdown: Tony Hawks got really really pished (drunk) one night. As you sometimes do when you’re drunk, you make silly bets. His? That he would hitchhike round the circumference of Ireland in a month. That’s counter-clockwise from Dublin round to Dublin again — but with a small fridge in tow, or lose £100 for failing.
You laugh a lot when reading this book.
Starting towards Cavan, Hawks starts hitching his way around, the fridge acting as ambassador and shyness antidote for people all over Ireland. It gets him gets pints, helps him meet the poorest king of the Emerald Isle, inspires a leather jacket, lands Tony on regular chats with a national radio show — and it even gets ol’ Tony a little action.
Along the way you see the Irish from end to end, coast to coast. Laughing, drinking, sharing stories, they take Tony into their lives for a little while, with you in tow, just not on a red hauling trolley.
As it turns out as well, small fridges are also handy for storing your things (backpackers take note when pondering how to travel, get rides, and keep beer cold on the road). And Round Ireland with a Fridge is also handy for not only making you want to stick your thumb out, but to wonder what you could wind up betting yourself into the next time you go out and get absolutely wankered with your mates.
Don’t be shy though — it can make for a helluva story, just like it did for Tony and his Irelandtrotting fridge.
Round Ireland with a Fridge – Tony Hawks
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