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I want to stay longer

From Gabriel: “Well, I am scheduled to arrive June 5, 2003 and leave on July 14, 2003. That’s a problem because I want to stay longer. I had extended my visits in New Zealand and Australia. And also thinking of extending my visit in Indonesia and Malaysia. So, It costs me US$140 to change my dates going from Europe to the U.S. which sucks, cause as you well know, travelling can become costly.

“So I would love a chance at this Eurail pass contest. As for my plans in Europe, it depends on funds. But, here’s a rough draft. England as a start but not long cause I hear it is spendy. Then Spain and Portugal, through a bit of France over towards Italy and Greece. Then heading northwest towords Germany, Holland, Switzerland. Then of course Scandinavia, but not long due to more expenses. Then I think Ireland, Scotland and back to my start point. I missed some destinations but that’s the general idea.”