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From Europe to Eugene: A domestic weekend

This weekend I hardly touched anything Europe-related. On Friday I left the AS3K in my room, and caught up with some friends. We drank Oregon- and Colorado-brewed beer, and talked about many things having nothing to do with travel.

Saturday I rode my bike down some of my favorite trails here in Eugene. They run alongside the Willamette River, through grassy parks, past buttes, along wetlands where otters and birds hang out.
That night a friend of mine, a professional photograher, was throwing an “open studio”, with a party after. I helped him set up, chatted it up with his guests, then drank ridiculous amounts of Californian white wine until, what was it, 5:30 in the morning?
On Sunday I read Harry Potter books, and rode my bike again… then took it to the bike shop to repair a flat. No biggie — it was a lovely day to walk a few miles into town. At home I gabbed with friends, and read some more Harry Potter (“you don’t read those,” my friend Taylor said, “you eat them” — so true).
Two friends in early evening surprised me with a phone call. They invited me to dinner, and we rode out of town to another friend’s house. Our cooking was the most European I got all weekend, as we sat down to gnocchi with olive-and-sun-dried tomato pasta sauce.
This weekend I enjoyed time with what and who I have here in Eugene. Just as I try to cherish and experience every moment on the road 100% and then some, the anticipation of a trip reminds me not to take for granted all that is in my daily ol’ mundane life here in Eugene.
There will be more thoughts on Europe throughout the week, more nights to sit and ponder and dream in Perugino. This past weekend I took some time to cherish all that I already have, and it reminded me to enjoy and take in and go with all the moments to come, once I hit the road again.