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She didn't like their plans, so she did things her way

From Audrey: “I am going to Europe from June 9 till Aug 10th! I am so excited about it.

“The second half of my time over there I will be studying in Cambridge in a program sponsored by my home school. This gave me the excellent opportunity to travel for the time I have before the program begins.
“At first I was unsure about who to go with, or what to do, or to even go at all. Then I got an email from another student in the program who was having a meeting for all of us who were interested in traveling around beforehand. I went to the meeting and sat through it fairly politely and went home utterly disappointed in the travel plans. They did not fit with my interests or my budget.
“Later that week however I got an email from another student, Eliott who was going to go anyway but wanted a travel buddy. He was not into Max’s plans either and as we talked we realized our ideas about how traveling should be done fit together really nicely. We got our plane tickets and have worked out our itinerary.
“On the board right now we are planning to go from London to Brussels hop down to Switzerland, visit some people he knows in Austria, check out Prague, head up to Berlin to visit a friend of mine who will be backpacking around at the same time, spend a long weekend in Amsterdam and if there is time visit France before crossing the channel back to Cambridge for our program.
“Hopefully I can make it through my last week of classes successfully, without day dreaming about this wonderful trip to much but I am defiantly counting the days.”