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My first Norwegian lesson

My friend Lauren's been studying Norwegian at the University of Oregon. With Oslo now officially on my albeit draft itinerary, this morning she gave me my first lesson in some basic Norwegian:

ENGLISH (ENGELSK): “Where is the bathroom?”
NORWEGIAN (NORSK): “Hvor er bandet?”
PHONETICALLY: “Voor arre bond-it?”
“My name is Anthony.”
“Jeg heter Anthony.”
“Yai hyeh-tehr Anthony.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Jeg forstår ikke.”
“Yai foor-shtoor ikke.”
(Literally: “I understand not.” “Ikke” is the negating word.)
“I’m sorry, I don’t speak Norwegian.”
“Unnskyld, jeg snakker ikke norsk.”
“Oon-shild, yai snok-ker ikke norschk.”
“When is the next train to Stockholm?”
“Når er de neste toget til Stockholm?”
“Norhr are deh ness-tah toe-get til Stockholm?”
“toget” is the word for train
“Thank you.”
“Takk.” or “Tusentakk.” (A thousand thanks.”)
“You’re welcome.”
“Can I have a beer?”
“Kunne jeg ha et øl.”
“Koo-nah yai hah et uhl.”
“Øl” is the word for beer.
Pickup lines?
“Kiss me quick, I’m double-parked.”
“Kysse meg hurtig, jeg are dobbelt parkere.”
(Okay, really that’s just an inside joke between me, Lauren and our friends)
There’s a few essentials out of the way…