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It's about the destinations, dafty.

To date I’ve been trying to blog up lots of random stuff, from my ramblings in itinerary planning to emails and tips and such that have started coming in from friends, random folks, BootsnAll members and such (there’s a lot of overlap with these 3 groups too, by the way).

It’s time to start getting more nitty-gritty stuff though. Into the cities, into the countries, into the countryside, into the nuts and bolts and facts and bits and pieces of info that I can track down before I set foot on one square inch of euro soil.
One of the things I need next and now to focus on, has less to do with the exact itinerary—the dots and lines connecting—and more with the destinations themselves. BootsnAll writer and editor or not, there is so much for to me learn, now and always, about this continent. There is more than I or you or anyone can ever know about Europe.
By gum though, I want to learn all I can.
There’ll be lots more destination-related stuff coming to the Eurail Blog soon. Lots of book reviews, links for useful info and other travelers’ experiences, you name it.
Heaven knows there’s no shortage of info out there, or coming in. I’ve started checking out and receiving some more links. The BootsnAll message boards are hopping with more threads than your gran’s sewing basket. A steady flow of books into BootsHQ has my inner bookworm crying for sustenance.
So much info to read and write about. Such copious amounts of coffee, tea and booze to consume while taking in such copious amounts of information. I’m sure I’ll cope. LINK TO BELGIAN BEER POSTSomehow.
Stay tuned. Or come by for a round and a natter—are you excited? Gads, I am. Three and half months to go, and already the cities in my dreams at night are taking on a European tinge…
Now to find out more of what the reality’s like.