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The Dots, or, Hashing out my route

Time, place, all that stuff from previous post—same. Except I'm now one teapot to the wind.
Let's try first instinct: Where am I going?

Starting off in the UK & Ireland (via some flavour of a BritRail pass)

  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Dublin
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Newcastle
  • Birmingham
    To Europe (with one of the Eurail passes, possibly a Eurail Youth Flexipass)

  • Eurostar to
  • Brussels
  • Amsterdam
  • Hamburg
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
  • Berlin
  • Luxembourg
  • Paris
  • Bordeaux
  • Pamplona
  • Madrid
  • Lisbon
  • Barcelona
  • Marseille
  • Milan
  • Zurich
    Oy… all this in 4 months? Man… I’m not even to Eastern Europe yet, and it just seems like I’m already running myself ragged.
    Which I suppose could beg a question that the lads and I have posed to many a traveler seeking similar advice:
    Should I cut back on how many places I’m going to go to, and instead focus on being more in-depth in fewer places?
    What if, instead of trying to max out virtually the entire continent in 4 months, instead we focused on the UK and Western Europe?
    What if we decided to save the Balkans and Eastern Europe for another trip?
    Who knows. I’m just thinking out loud right now, and that’s what this is for. Remember, dear reader: take everything you read during this planning phase, with a few grains of salt. (And a beer, for good measure. Microbrew, Belgian, German, whatever your pleasure.)
    So many questions. So many options. So many answers too. But would we get more out of this trip, if we mapped out fewer destinations?