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Stop me if I start getting bionic implants

Never in my life have I felt like such a Palm-swinging, teched-out geek.

As we test out the Alpha Smart 3000, it’s been with me pretty much everywhere I go. I’ve been typing away in cars, on buses, sitting in the living room with friends, you name it. Then Sean upped the ante: he gave me a Palm, an m125, so I can more easily take down contact details and set up meetings and all that sort of thing.
So I spent part of Friday learning my way around the Palm, practicing Graffiti (their handwriting recognition script), and just in general playing around. But good lord do I look the geek.
On my person whenever I leave the house now:

  • daypack, containing one (1) Alpha Smart 3000
  • on my left hip, cell phone
  • on my right hip, Palm Pilot (see the ambidextrous, simultaneous geekly possibilities?)
  • in my back pocket, small notebook (as in the paper version), supplemented by an automatic pencil clipped into my right pocket — for when nothing else will do.
    What’s next? Bionic cellular implants in my ear? A satellite internet hookup in my fingertips? Maybe I can be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but jump in and stop me if I start looking at bionic replacement shoulders for easier backpack-choofing, okay? Though now that I think about it, maybe that’s not a bad idea — and if they come with a built-in stylus for my hand, I’m sold!