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No guidebooks, just the BootsnAll Community

Reading email, hitting the boards, blogging, reading the articles on BootsnAll — we've heard the stories. We’ve seen and heard how BootsnAll Community members have met up, shared info, interacted, become friends, you name it. Now it’s time for us—the BootBoyz—to get out there on the road and live it ourselves.

Sean and I talked about this some over wine at Perugino the other night (and hey, if you think what I’m about to say is booze-fueled loopiness, just remember that this entire trip is the result of a few pitchers).
So, to that end, because of all the work and devotion and connection between the people we interact with, you know what I want to use to help me plan this trip?
The BootsnAll Community.
We’ve been working with so many amazing people all these years, but this is one of the first, hardest-core chances we’ve had to really get out there and see all the great things that BootsnAll members can show us, and how we can better give back to one another.
So gang—I’m heading to your town. I want to hear what you have to say; I hope get emails and comments of tips and advice and your own experiences in Europe. And I can’t wait to meet you, and see what you have to say, and how the lads and I can better help you with all your travel dreams—and hell, just to meet up and clink a few. Finally.
Here’s to you, and thanks so much for being there for us, all these years passed, and hopefully for decades to come.
The wild ride gets wilder…