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Using an Alpha Smart 3000 while traveling in Europe

Originally Alpha Smarts were engineered for the classroom. Writers found out about them though, where they caught on big. Businessmen in the field use AS's, so do people running errands (there's a thread on their community forums about a couple who used their AS while househunting), you name it.
Travelers have become quite taken with them too, and there's an entire thread devoted to travelers and business folk. If you hit the road with an AS, check out their forums for help and advice from those who've gone before you.

Here’s some threads and boards that I’ve personally been finding really helpful and informative:

  • Boards Home
  • AlphaSmart 3000 Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions
  • AlphaSmart, PDA, Dana, or Laptop?
  • Writing and Journalism
  • Business and Travel
  • How dependable is an AS in the field? How much abuse can it take? How do you protect it?
    which is better to use in the field?

  • Taking notes on the road – how do you do it efficiently?
    using alphasmart on research abroad

  • How do you transfer data from your AS to another computer, a blog, etc.?
    finding places to transfer on the road

  • How do you make sure your English-language text transfers correctly to computers set for another language?
    AlphaSmart Community Center: US AlphaSmarts and European PC’s
    That’s just a smattering of threads. They have a very active and supportive boards community, both of regular AS users and admins — good bunch of folks, and a great resource for anyone wanting to get the most out of their AS.