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A day in Athens, a night on the Ouzo

Maryann Lekas on Athens, ruins, and cab drivers (note to self, tell Maryann how much I like ouzo…):

“I would take another day and hit spots in Athens. The PLAKA, where there is several taverns and bars… great food, tons of people. You should see the ruins but I am just not a ruins kind of gal… that stuff kind of bores me…sorry! So I can’t really fill you in on all of that cuz I did it once when I was 11.. but I’d be willing to do it again… actaully I want to but i want to do it with someone.. so I’ll wait for you.
You should take the metro and a cab… it’s a cool experience to ride in a cab with a crazy cab driver.. hopefully he’s pissed off to… cuz that is always a good laugh when they start using LOUD obnoxious Greek profanity!
what else? So much more…. I’d say go to Glifada… where I live.. it’s a rich touristy part of town with High end boutiques and taverns along the water.
We should go eat at some locals little mom and pop tavern and wait till they bust out the OUZO and the wine and the guitar and everyone starts drinking and dancing for no special reason or celebration…just cuz!