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Greece's Santorini sunset

Maryann Lekas is living in Athens and gave some cool tips:

“I would have to suggest getting over to Santorini to view the most amazing sunset in the world..i believe it is the most photographed sunset.
“It’s on the side of the the island called “IOS” and when you go there, at around 7PM sets, well I guess that depends on what time of year you visit Greece, but anyway, people begin to mark their territory about an hour before sunset.
“Then the shit hits the fan…..these high tech cameras bigger than missles start busting out of their cases and everyone start taking their PERFECT sunset shot. It’s insane, I actually felt like if the earth was flat….we would have tipped over because everyone was there. It was cool cuz the old townies that lived along the mountain side and over the water would come out of their homes with a little matt, sit on it and enjoy their private sunset and smile at all the tourists trying to get to the edge to get a shot and these ol’ folks get a shot of this every night.
“That is definitely soemthing you should do.”