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Italy expert: David @ Perugino

Once again the baristas at Perugino, my fave coffee shop, come to my rescue.

I was packing up to head home yesterday, not long after the evening shift took up behind the espresso machine. David (who makes a v. smooth double Americano) and I have had a few chats before, but I hadn’t yet told him about my trip.
He came 'round to my table to see if I wanted anything else, and then his eyes got big. Stacked on my laptop were maps and brochures, and the blue cover of my pocket-sized Eurail map caught his eye.
“Is someone going to Europe?” he asked.
“Yup, that’d be me,” I replied.
He nodded his head. “If you need help with anything, let me know. Especially Italy. I love Italy.”
Thanks, David—I’ll be picking your brain over many a cuppa.