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4. Where to go in Western Europe: Scandinavia: Sweden, Finland & back to Germany

Whatever I wind up doing in Norway, I'm thinking of heading east to Sweden and then traveling south along the western coast.

That would get me to Malmo, just up from Sweden's southern tip; and from there I could also jaunt back to over to Denmark for Copenhagen.
Back into Sweden, I’d cut through the interior—what’s the landscape like, the towns?—to Stockholm. Then a ferry to Turku, Finland, where I will not be seeing Carita since she decided to stuff off to California (just had to rub that in, dearie). She is, however, giving me loads of tips for things to do in Finland Finland Finland, the country where I want to be.
I’m not sure how extensive my time in Finland will be—wait, that’s the case for everything on this trip so far! Ultimately I’ll wind up in Helsinki, where I’ll ferry down to Warnemunde, Germany, and the mainland madness begins all over again, and for the next few months.