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Can I get a PDA for my pack? – an Intro

One of the many things the guys and I are sorting out is what sort of techno wotsits I’ll be taking along, to keep us and the world in pictures and posts.

For starters, the variety is overwhelming. There’s laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, things that are somewhere in between laptops and PDAs, and then there are lots of other little potentially useful gadgets out there.
The things that I’m doing for BootsnAll mean that I need to be able to keep in contact with people, from folks posting comments on here, to the guys, family and friends, you name it. I’ll be taking lots of photos, and of course I have to keep the blog updated. How will I pull that off?
Yes, there are cybercafes. But how will I store multi-megs’ worth of images? Where will I keep my ramblings until I have a chance to upload? What about all the people I meet on the road?
Here’s some of the stuff I need geeky stuff for:

  • typing, editing and saving text (for blog posts and such.)
  • taking and storing pictures, and possibly editing them too
  • recording contact info for people I meet on the road.
    Here’s what I need it to be:

  • light
  • small
  • able to run long, for minimal cost (replacing batteries, recharging, etc)
  • easy to make data transfers from device to cybercafe (floppy disk, USB, whatever)
    That’s the bulk of it there. There are loads of options of course, and the guys and I putting our geekiness to the text, er, test, as we sort out what I’ll utimately take with me.