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Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Spain is one of the most popular spots in Western Europe for studying abroad. It’s the perfect place to hone your Spanish skills, the food and wine are world-renown and the cuisine is just as diverse and the landscape. From the vineyards of Rioja to the Catalonia coast to the southern desert hill towns to the bustling city of Madrid, Spain offers a kaleidoscope of culture in one country.
Though many people choose to study in a larger city like Madrid or Barcelona, Grenada is another excellent, often overlooked place to make your home base. When you study abroad in Granada you can get the best of all worlds. The city provides a less-stressful way to immerse yourself in the culture, while still offering an authentic living experience. It’s less expensive than the larger cities, so if you can find cheap tickets to Europe, your semester abroad may not cost much more than it would at home.  There’s a large University presence in Granada and many bars offer free tapas with the purchase of a drink, making it an ideal place for struggling students to live the high life.
Granada may be a smaller city, but thanks to Spain’s efficient network of high-speed trains, you can still get to the metropolises quickly and easily. A Spain Rail Pass is the best option if you plan on traveling extensively in a set period of time, but don’t discount the bus as an affordable option for short jaunts. Granada is located in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusía, close to Córdoba, Sevilla, Málaga. and the Costa del Sol, which means that those who study abroad here can see much more of Spain on a smaller budget.
Photo by Ela2007