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Trippy travel thoughts on scribblin' about my Europe dream trip

Sean, Chris and I just had a great chat about my trip, and all things blogging and Eurailing.

My trip, and all the stuff I write about, really breaks down into 3 easy categories:

  1. Planning my trip
  2. While I’m on my trip
  3. After I get back

Gee, what to write about, huh? That’s pretty simple too, and that’s what I want to do: keep this simple. What’s the good stuff? What’s the crap? What are my thoughts? What excites me the most about going? What scares the passport out of me?
And you know what? What the hell do we want to do with this site? With my trip?
You know what the lads and I want to do? We want to use my trip to help build the best damn resource for Eurailing travel that’s out there.
Yep. That’s right. The bestest, most completest, funnest damn thing for you to turn to, for as much or as little info as you want. Whether you’re about to go or are still dreaming about what you might do, we want to make this where you turn as you set up your own hella good time in Europe.
This oughtta be fun.
So you know what I’m gonna do? Write a lot more. If I’m thinking about Europe, or have a great chat with someone about my trip, it’s gonna wind up here sooner or later. If I read a book, or a website, or whatever, I’m going to link it up. Whatever I’m thinking about Europe, I’m going to make it as if this blog is my brain, and you get to watch the neurons fly in pixel form. (Oh, you poor poor buggers…)
I’m going to do my shaggin’ best to live and breathe this stuff because, hey, this is a dream come true. It’s worth the devotion and the effort and a helluva lot of typing. It’s something I love, and it’s something I so badly am dying to do. It’s worth every moment and thought and keystroke.
I hope it’s worth it for you too.
Let’s rock.