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What are your travel dreams?

When I start meeting people this summer, talking with them, something I’m thinking of asking them is:
“What are your travel dreams?”

What will people say? How literally will they take the question? How figuratively? Does “dream” have different connotations in Romanian or French or Czech, than it does in English? What are their own words for the same thing, for the same concept or group of concepts? What do they dream? What do I?
This trip is a dream come true for me. Four months in Europe, traveling, writing, meeting new people, making new friends (and reconnecting with more than a few old ones). Getting on the road again. Facing new challenges. Breaking out of routine. Traveling like I’ve never traveled before. Learning so much, about life, about travel and people, about myself, about whatever the world puts in front of me.
A dream come true. I wonder, as I type this, how many people reading this have traveled. How many read this and feel their own dreams turning inside them? Where do they want to go? What do they want to do? What would it take for them to make their own dream come true? Do they believe they can make their travel dreams come true?
I wish I had more conclusive answers to the questions of my own dreams. I wish I could take a sheet of paper and map out my dream, and the process of its realization. But then again I don’t, and I’m glad I can’t. Do I know my destinations? More or less. But I don’t know the journey, and I won’t until I’ve lived it.
That’s travel. That’s dreams. That’s life.
That’s this trip.
What’s my travel dream?
To get out there again, to get out there like I’ve never gone before. To see Europe. To make new friends. To help BootsnAll. To know how vividly I’m making my dream of travel, of writing, come true. To see what new dreams come, once one comes true.