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Swiss Pass on Sale: 50% Off

Are you planning a trip to Switzerland in the next six months? You might be when you find out that Rail Europe and Switzerland Tourism have teamed up to offer Swiss Rail Passes at a 50% discount. Yes, that’s half off a rail pass for Switzerland. What’s more, traveling families will be happy to know that kids aged 16 or younger travel for free.
In order to take advantage of this killer deal on a Swiss Pass, you have to buy it between April 21-27, 2010, and you’ll have to use it within six months of when you buy it. The passes included in the sale are:

  • 8-days Consecutive Pass – from $193
  • 3-days Flexipass – from $128

If you’re not familiar with rail pass terminology, the “consecutive” pass means you’re going to be traveling on a train for (in this case) eight days in a row, no stopping for a few days in one city and then moving on. A “Flexipass,” as the name suggests, offers much more flexibility – in this case it’s good for 3 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) within a month-long period. Those on a marathon trip through Switzerland – or anyone planning on taking train-based day trips every single day over the course of an 8+ day trip – will get their money’s worth out of the 8-days Consecutive Pass. The rest of you will find the 3-days Flexipass more useful.
These passes act as your ticket and are good on all Swiss trains, but they come with extra perks, too. Your Swiss Pass acts as your ticket for many of the boats in Switzerland and showing it at the entrance to more than 400 museums in the country will get you free admission, too. Some hotels in the country offer a discount to pass holders, and the pass grants you a discount on some of Switzerland’s special (privately run) trains and funiculars.
Click on the “Country Passes” link on the left-hand menu of this Eurail page, and then you can click on “Tickets & Passes” and “Swiss Pass” in order to book your Swiss Pass at 50% off.
photo by cookipediachef