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Sleepy Stateside

I’ve been back in the US for five days now, but it seems like a lot longer. I’ve been pushing myself, ignoring the jetlag, and visiting or calling lots of family and friends. And now it is catching up with me — I’m exhausted, and I’ve lost my voice. I also wake up starving at 6 am EST every day because in Europe at that hour it is time for a nice big lunch.
Sooooooo, I’m going to slow things down this week…I can’t get it all sorted out at once. They say it takes one day of recovery for each hour of time difference, and if that is the case, I’ve got at least one more day of catch up ahead of me. So tomorrow, I will really rest. And try to keep things low key for most of this coming week.
I’ll try to get back here before the end of the month with some final thoughts on five months of train travel through Europe. Be sure to ask your questions about Eurail tickets or European train travel in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them (between naps, of course 🙂