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Moving Slowly Around Italia

It’s just so hot! I love it here in Italy, but I am moving at a snail’s pace these days. This heat just eats at my energy…
I spent a long weekend in Asti with my wonderful cousin and extended family, then two days couchsurfing in Lucca with a great group of folks, and I am now staying with more gracious hosts here in Florence. I continue to be showered with kindness from folks all over the world.
The trains have been fine — slow and late and hot — but fine. The first class car I was in from Asti to Genova on Monday had no air conditioning or electricity for about a half-hour, but thankfully when we got to Genova they put a new battery in and things improved dramatically for the rest of the trip down the coast to Viareggio. That was the only major inconvenience of train travel this week.
I don’t think I’ll be taking another train until the very end of my trip, when I am in Rome. I’m headed to a somewhat remote villa in Tuscany this weekend for a full week away, so this may be it from the Eurail blog until the final days of my five month adventure. Stay cool and don’t forget to cheer for Italy on July 9th!!!