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Quick Stop in Genova

I took a train from Nice to Genova on Friday, and had several hours to wait for my next connecting train. I was pleasantly suprised with how much I liked the city during my quick visit. Even though it is a port city with industry along the water, there is lots of beauty here too…are tons of fantastic old buildings and mysterious alleyways to wander through. There are many art galleries and museums to explore as well.
But I only had a few hours, so I basically just walked around. You can store your baggage for 3,80 euro for up to five hours at the train station. The baggage office is to the left as you exit the main station, Principe. And on the right just before leaving the station is an excellent tourist office. The guide there gave me a free map and suggested a two hour route that would give me a basic lay of the land during my short stop over.
Best thing about the visit was that it was not swarming with tourists…since it is not know as a popular beach town (even though it does have beaches) it is not as popular with summer travelers. But I think it should be, there is a lot to see here and I def plan to make a return visit one day.
One more tip about the train station, there is a small second-hand bookstore with many books in other languages, including English. I picked up two for 8 euros…like I need to be buying more books on this trip! But handy hint to know if you make a stop here…