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Nice is Nice BUT…

…I’m tired. I think it is about time for me to admit that things are not always so rosey when traveling. I have developed a habit of only sharing the good stuff…which is easy to do, since the majority of my travels have been super fantastic.
But here is some honesty — four+ months on the road is starting to take its toll…the hostels, museums and streets are so much more crowded now. And the heat! It is unseasonably warm for Europe right now…I love warm weather, but it really wears you out when constantly on the go…I am ready to get rid of the backpack now…it is soooooo much easier to travel in off season, especially if you have already been on the road as long as I have. But of course, if I was in Nice in March, I would not have been able to lie on the beach today and walk around Old Town with a gelato for lunch. So I’m not complaining…just sharing how I’m feeling today.
I guess I got a little spoiled staying with family and friends a lot during the past month…this is my first youth hostel stay in a few weeks and it is a totally different vibe in summer, especially a beach town! I’m staying in a very popular youth hostel in Nice, with perks like free internet access, free towels, great food every night and a very social atmosphere. But with that comes drinking…and excessive drinking…which leads to puking sometimes. And a girl in my dorm room gave us all a gift about 2 am this morning. Fun stuff.
Considering how long Ive been traveling, it is a wonder it hasn’t happened sooner. It’s all part of the stories that make up this adventure, and I am still enjoying it all so much…but now with a much increased longing for home too…
About two weeks or so left, and all in Italy, which I know will be fantastic. And hopefully pukeless!
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