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Finally going to see Nice

Ten years ago when I left Barcelona with my two friends, we stayed on the train for a ridiculously long time, skipped our scheduled stop in Nice and pushed on to Italia…so I never set foot on the Mediteranean coast of France. So I have decided to make a definite stop in the Cote d’Azur this time, to see it for myself…not just from the train window.
I just returned from the Estacion de Franca here in Barcelona where I booked reservations for the two trains that will take me to Nice. First a morning trip to Montpellier, then a second train to Nice. I’ll arrive by 7 pm tomorrow, and spend two nights.
I am way behind on my journal writing and hope the train ride tomorrow is smooth enough to let me catch up. I wounld’t mind if it rains, because if it is nice out, I will wish that I was lying on a beach instead. But when I tried to book a night train for tomorrow evening (Barcelona to Torino) it was more than my accommodation for two nights in Nice to book a first class reservation, which I thought was very odd…
But all is set now…and I’ll probably wind up sleeping on the train tomorrow since I am off to enjoy my last night in Spain…with some more football!!!