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More World Cup Action

It has been an absolute blast to be here in Berlin during the World Cup. The entire country of Germany is buzzing with excitement, but this city is the epicenter of energy, and it is thrilling to be a part of it. The Fan Fest down near Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten Park is massive…so, no matter how big the crowd gets, there is always someplace to watch the games. I saw half of Brazil vs. Croatia there, and saw the Paraguay vs. Sweden game there last night…I love to see the fan support with their costumes, colors and chants…so, I’m heading back there this afternoon to see fans from Argentina, Serbia & Montenegro, Holland, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Angola — all teams with matches to play today. Should be a great scene for people watching and meeting folks from around the world.
Tomorrow my friends and I will travel to Kaiserslauten for the big US vs. Italy game. (We’ve already got our reservations for the train and tickets for the game, of course!) To say that I am excited is quite an understatement. My home country versus the home of all my ancestors…Regardless of the score, I have a feeling the energy of the crowd should be entertainment enough. And for me, a win for either team will be an amazing thing to witness…
photo by Russell C