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Night Nerves

I’m taking my first night train this evening, from Budapest to Munich. It will be interesting to see how it goes — I’m not too concerned about sleeping on the train, since I already booked my couchette. What I AM nervous about is making my connection in the morning. We arrive (hopefully on time!!) in Munich at 6:21 am and I need to get on a train bound for Frankfurt that leaves ten minutes later. PLEASE let me get that train…PLEASEEEEEEEE!!! it will really screw up my day if I miss it. Once I get to Frankfurt, I need to get on yet a third train, to Essen, which is where I will meet up with friends and go to my first World Cup game! (US vs. Czech Republic) I’m VERY excited…but more anxious that I’ll make it there on time, hopefully somewhat well rested. We shall see…hopefully the football and train gods will shower good luck on me for the next 24 hours!