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Another Long Haul

The weather is crummy here in Split – rain and more rain, and we just had a fierce thunderstorm. I had a few hours of sun this morning to explore the Old Town, but I’ve decided to leave tomorrow since I don’t think it will be a beach day. Originally I was going to take a train to Zagreb and spend a night there, but now I’ve decided to push on for another marathon travel day and go all the way to Budapest. It’s actually easier to cover a lot of ground in one day, instead of eating up two or more days to get to the next destination.
At the Split train station I bought my ticket to Zagreb (124 kunas) and my ticket from Zagreb to the Croatian/Hungarian border (49 kunas). After that, I will use my Eurail Pass for the remainder of the trip to Budapest. I’ll start at 7:40 AM and finish at 9:30 PM. Long day, but I plan on sleeping most of the way 🙂